Once a deposit or Payment is made the hirer or their agent is agreeing to the following terms & conditions.

Hiring, Delivery and Service

Delivery, set up and break down of the Photo Booth will be outside the rental period and is free of charge. A photo booth attendant will remain with the photobooth for the duration of the booking time.

Our Requirements / Workplace Health & Safety requirements

We require one chair and a clean, flat, dry, smoke free area of approximately 2m x 2m x 2m (which includes space for our attendant tables) and one normal power outlet . If the photobooth is to be set up outdoors, the booth and attendant will require sufficient protection from the elements, in the form of sufficient opaque overhead and side cover on at least two sides, to afford protection from rain, humidity, wind and/or sunlight. It will be the hirer’s responsibility to ensure their venue function coordinator or private function coordinator is made aware of these requirements and can accommodate them.

* No  cigarettes or e-cigarettes inside the booth or in the photo booth area.

* No chairs or other objects to stand on to be taken into the photobooth.

* No lifting up guests, piggy backing or hand stands, or any kind of gymnastics inside the photobooth.

* No drinks or food on the photo booth tables.

* Children under the age of 10 to be accompanied by an adult when selecting props & when inside the photobooth.

* No props on the floor inside the booth please.

* No props to be removed from the photobooth area.

* The rear curtain that will be behind you in the photobooth is loose fitting. Please don’t lean back against the curtain as it will not support your weight.

Space and Power Requirements

Depending on which type of photo booth is booked, space required range from 1.5m x 1.5m, 2m x 2m or 3m x 3m.

Access to 10A, 240v power.

Use of Images/Privacy

When hiring from Royal Booths, the hirer gives permission for images captured at the event to be used on the Royal Booths website and for advertising purposes, unless the client requests otherwise, in writing, before the date of the event.

Royal Booths will not use images which are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate on our website or for advertising and will not use any content that we consider may be personally damaging to any person(s).

Failure to Complete

At all times care will be taken by Royal Booths to ensure delivery of the booked package, however, should unforeseen equipment failure prevent this, during the normal course of events, liability will be limited to a total or partial refund of monies paid, dependant on our deliberation of the unique circumstances and/or the amount of the booking that was fulfilled successfully.

If an equipment fault that may arise during the event will be rectified as soon as possible.  However, if the outage will exceed 30 minutes or more, Royal Booths will refund your payment on a pro rata rate or provide you with extra time to use the booth.

Royal Booths cannot be held in any way liable if equipment or accessories failure or damage (including electrical, water or other liquid damage) is due to any negligence, an act or fault on the part of any venue or venue staff or is due to any negligence, act or fault on the part of any client or client guest or other person using a Royal Booths photobooth at your event/function, which negligence, act or fault, wilful or accidental in turn prevented the successful completion of the agreed to Royal Booths.


Royal Booths will not be liable for failing to perform under the Agreement by the occurrence of any event beyond our reasonable control, including a labour disturbance, power outage or interruption of service, communication outage, failure by a service provided to us to perform, fire, threatened or actual act of terrorism, natural disaster, or war.

Cancelation Policy

In the event that your event is cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances or decide to cancel or postpone your booking . We provide you with a credit note that you can use for a future date. The credit note does not expire and is subject availability.

Failure to fill out the Booking form or provide accurate event information

Royal Booths DO NOT take responsibility in the event that you do not fill out the booking form as requested. The booking is not complete if the form is not filled out with the event details 48Hours prior to the event. We DO NOT take responsibility if the client provides us the wrong event information. This can be, the wrong date, times or event location. The client will not be eligible for any monetary refunds.


A travel surcharge may apply to events located more than 35km from location of warehouse . Any travel charges must be agreed to by both parties and shall be disclosed in writing by Royal Booths prior to booking.


Any parking fees above $10 assigned to the photobooth attendant’s vehicle in the course of delivering the photobooth, remaining at the venue to operate the photobooth, and removing the photobooth at the end of the booked period to are to be covered by the hirer.


Royal Booths will do our best to assist our clients guests stick the photo strips and sign the scrapbook. In the event that guests don’t stick and sign the scrapbook, we do not take responsibility and will not issue a refund. Please make sure you inform your guests to utilise the scrapbook for your memories.

Overtime Rates The overtime rate for a standard booking will be $75 per half hour $150 for 1 hour(incl GST).


Prices are subject to change – please contact us to check the current rates before booking.

Unconfirmed Payments

Please make sure that you double check availability before before making any payments to Royal Booths. We do not take responsibility for payments made without confirmation. In the event that you make a payment without confirmation, we will not issue you a refund but you will receive a credit note that you can use for a future date.

A $50% deposit payment is required from the hirer , within 2 days after submitting the booking form. The remaining balance will be payable by the hirer in cash on the day or 7 days before the event.

Staff Meals

Provision of meals for the Royal Booths staff is appreciated especially for events that are running for 4 hours or more.


If a client wishes to move a booking to another date it will be at the discretion of the Royal Boths  management staff as to whether this is a viable option. In most cases a postponement can be arranged, however if the management deems the postponement unviable, the booking will be deemed a cancellation and the above cancellation terms will apply

The Royal Booths operator may pause or terminate the use of the photobooth at any time during the event if they consider that the guests are behaving in a way that the operator(s) believes to be dangerous to themselves or any persons, or potentially damaging to the product.

The photobooth attendant reserves the right to exclude a person or persons from the photobooth if the attendant considers that person to be grossly intoxicated or behaving in an aggressive or abusive manner towards the photobooth attendant or behaving in a manner that the photobooth attendant considers may damage Royal Booths