From the stables of Royal events hire comes forth the totally mind blowing concept of the outdoor cinema. A package made exclusively to be as complete as possible, we provide you with the experience of the art of movie watching and it feels like having a cinema right there in your home.

Whether as a birthday gift or a party idea or you just want to enjoy private time with that special someone without all the hustle and aggravations that come along with the public cinemas, we at royal events hire have got you as our backyard cinema package is designed to be accommodative in any kind of outdoor setting, be it in backyards of various space ranges, porches, driveways or even indoors, as the portable screen is quite mobile and space maximizing.

When looking to hire us for the backyard cinema experience, the last thing on your mind should be our ability to deliver as we are resolute in quality and efficient in delivery. Whether it’s a private party of a slightly large party, we are certain to deliver and cater to the cinematic needs of up to 50 guests.

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The size of the party would not hinder the quality of output, as we ensure that our backyard cinema is equipped with the the best sound systems to be audible to a wide range of guests, along with a picture and video quality that is arguably second to none. There is absolutely no need to fret that people at the bank might not get to hear what is playing, or that the possible event of noise among crows members might affect the ability of some of the other guests to hear. The picture quality ensures that no matter how far away you are from the screen, you can still make out what is going on on the screen with stark clarity and resounding frame quality.

We at royal events hire offer the prefect offer to customers that are in lieu with their preferences and capabilities at any given time. We try to ensure that this package covers all you could ever want to ensure the perfect movie night for you and your friends and family.

For $350 a night, we deliver an experience that entails the presence of a flexible screen which is adjustable to fit into varied spaces. This screen is a 2.5m wide piece of art which is easy to put together and assemble, and also far less fragile than you think. There is also a 1500 ANSI Lumen projector which possesses the added feature of a USB input. This USB input is designed to serve as a medium whereby you could play movies for guests on your mobile device or from thumb drives and auxiliary hard disks. There is also a sound bar and DVD player. The sound bar in particular is a compact masterclass which has all the components to provide excellent sound quality. This sound bar is a 110 W contraption with a built in subwoofer.
Other components include a perfectly synced Bluetooth connectivity to provide an added platform through which you can also play sound, an RCA audio cable to provide an option for the direct connection of audio to the sound bar system, and finally a mini headphone jack, providing the extra option of listening to your music privately on your mobile device. So advanced and dynamic is our system that there is also provision made for you to connect and steam YouTube videos via your laptop devices. All of these features of this package are designed to play your choice from a range of possible devices and also to maximize quality and better add to the experience.

What’s a movie without a little snack? A little boring is what it is! With that in mind, we try to the extra mile to provide that little something to keep youe mouth a little occupied along with your eyes, and how we do this is by offering you the service if our popcorn machine and candy floss machine to help provide that almost traditional movie popcorn along with delectable sweets, all for the total price of $600. This is designed to better the entire movie experience for you and your friends and family.

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Royal events hire offers free delivery to her outdoor cinema customers who reside within 40 kilometers from Doncaster east. We will not only deliver to your doorstep but also a set up the whole thing for you and guests to enjoy.
Do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0405 645 394 or 0402 585 565 as we promise to deliver a movie experience that is second to none.

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