Open Air Photo Booth Hire

Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, or a graduation, taking photos play a huge role in shaping up the
event and helping save those precious memories.

Many people hire professional photographers in these events, and while you are somehow guaranteed a collection of good photos, it can be a bit uncomfortable or can make some people feel a bit self-conscious with a photographer asking them to strike poses, moving them around and basically demanding attention with a lot pressure to take that perfect shot.

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be in control of taking these shots that are both professional looking and without the pressure of a stranger asking for you and your friends to pose in hundreds of ways?
Well there is no need to wonder anymore, because that is exactly what open photo booth hires are for.

Why Hire An Open Booth From Us?

For anyone who is not familiar with the concept of open photo booths, it is basically a service that is similar to the closed photo booths that are available with us, the difference is you can hire an open photo booth with anywhere! Even outdoors and start taking amazing photos with your friends and family.

It’s basically a touch screen similar to the ones found in closed photo booths and either are adjustable using a tripod or you can adjust the
picture frame before taking the shot via the touch screen.

Other than being portable and can be used to take amazing keepsake portraits!

 There are many other perks to hiring an open photo booth for your next event or celebration.

Benefits Of An Open Photo Booth

• Flexibility: With the usual closed photo booths, you have a 10 seconds timer or so to get ready for the
picture to be taken, add to the that the small space and the unwanted pressure of trying to strike the best pose
and you’ve got yourself a couple of mediocre pictures to remember that night with. Also, most closed photo
booths don’t allow users to view the taken shots prior to printing, so you won’t realize If the photos were
good or not until it’s too late. Open photo booths on the other hand allow you to adjust the camera and the
shit prior to snapping it, plus being outdoors means more friends can join for a great group photo.

• Extra options: Many open photo booth companies offer extra options to help you take unique and amazing
pictures with friends. There are companies that offer backgrounds or the option to create your own custom
background picture. Also, several companies offer props such as musical instruments, fake mustaches,
glasses, masks and so on. These all help in taking a lot of memorable pictures without extra preparations or
spending a lot of money.

• Image quality: Usually, closed photo booths use low quality cameras or even in some cases, webcams. This
results in really low-quality pictures and add to that the poor lighting in those booths and you’ve got yourself
a recipe for disaster. Open photo booths take advantage of natural light, the great summer weather and most
of the services offer high quality photos using DSLR mounted cameras. Plus, being outdoor gives more
room for users to take a picture without those narrow borders and the cheap instant printed photos

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The next time you have an important event or a celebration coming up, don’t hesitate to try out our open booth hire. We offer customized open photo booth services for different events such as weddings, cooperate functions, birthday parties and even Bar Mitzvahs.

Photos don’t just have to be about preserving memories or having that summer photo album all filled up, but you can also help promote and market your brand to many people at the same time.

We offer an experiential marketing service which helps with your product branding, encourages customers to give your product a go or even boost your current brand image through fun, interactive and out of the box advertising service.

The next time you find yourself facing a large event, a family gathering or an anniversary, grab one of our open photo booths and give yourself, friends, family or coworkers a great and fun experience with the photos and memories to help keep those moments well documented, in great quality, and without the hassle traditional photo shoots or closed photo booths almost often bring to the crowd.

Our open photo booths are guaranteed to bring you and your peers happiness, joy, and an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy outdoors away from the tight, narrow photoshoot rooms. Feel free to give us a call today on 0405 645 394 or read more on our website

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