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Finding the right enclosed photo booth hire is no walk in the park, especially considering the ever-growing number of companies out there claiming to be offering the best. But with our modern enclosed photo booths, you can be sure your most momentous occasion will be immortalised for eternity.

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The photography is as good as studio if not in some cases even better. They come with a touch of retro, and this combined with the latest equipment in imaging and software make classic photography. The images and videos that our enclosed photo booths produce are captured using digital SLR cameras that are for professional use. They use studio lighting that is diffused in addition to these cameras, giving you beautiful creations that are the quality of studio photography. The end result are pictures that are very flattering as well as breathtaking.

The other key feature that you will appreciate about our booths is that they give you an environment that is controlled, blocking out other sources of light that could otherwise compromise the quality of photo printing. You do not have to worry about sunrays or other guests taking photos with their phones to affect the quality of the end product

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Enclosed Photo Booth Hire

When you contact us to hire your enclosed photo booth, we will come and set one up for you at your venue. Our enclosed photo booths are usually draped with curtains all around them, making them feel like a tent of sorts. Also, the booths come with a camera and printer placed on a pod to capture the pictures. The pod is placed against a backdrop.  The fact that it is enclosed ensures you and your guests a lot of privacy enabling everyone to pull the best poses!

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Us?

There are a number of things you will love about hiring our photo booth services, some of which include; Even your most camera shy guest will have a chance to express him/herself. The privacy that our enclosed photo booths afford you and your guests will give each and everyone a chance to bring their best selves out the wild side, the quaky side, the funny faces- you name it.

Plus if you are a couple, you will steal a private moment alone in the midst of all the madness. You can be rest assured that our enclosed photo booths do not in any way compromise the quality of photos.

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We offer the best enclosed photo booths around Australia and if you are looking for enclosed photo booth hire in Melbourne or for the best enclosed photo booth hire in Adelaide, we are your to-go to people. Our photo booths guarantee you a spacious place for your guests to capture their best moments at your party.

Our reputation has been built on the quality of photos that our cameras give you and we never compromise on that. You can be sure that we shall be there when you order for our service, and we set up these booths in time so that you find them ready to receive you.

We are very mobile and we shall certainly come to the party. In addition to this, the backdrops that we use in our booths are of superior quality adding to the allure and the quality of the pictures. We in no way compromise your safety as well as privacy.

We set up the booth with curtain drapes, camera and printer. You won’t have any peep-ins or security compromise whatsoever. For your entire enclosed photo booth needs contact us.

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