Check out our Hottest and Newest Photo Booth that your guests will be speaking about for the next year to come. Guests will receive a Video of a 360 Video.

Why Hire A 360 BOOTH From Us?

For anyone who is not familiar with the concept of open photo booths, it is basically a service that is similar to the closed photo booths that are available with us, the difference is you can hire an open photo booth with anywhere! Even outdoors and start taking amazing photos with your friends and family.

It’s basically a touch screen similar to the ones found in closed photo booths and either are adjustable using a tripod or you can adjust the
picture frame before taking the shot via the touch screen.

Other than being portable and can be used to take amazing keepsake portraits!

 There are many other perks to hiring an open photo booth for your next event or celebration.


Guests Step Onto Booth

A high definition camera orbits around the guests.

Camera is capable of taking Slow Motion Video at 240 fps!

High Speed Video Capture

The Camera Captures a 360 degree slow motion video.

The camera captures about a 3 second video of the guests acting Silly

Proprietary Software

Our Exclusive and Proprietary Software transforms your video.

Our software take your 3 second video and turns it into a 15-25 second SLOW MOTION VIDEO.

Custom overlays are available.
Music is added.
Branding available.


Participants then share their video by text to their phones or email.

Once the participants have it, they are going to share it, and share it, and share it!

Branding available.

360 Photo Booth

• captures a slow motion video from all angles.

Guests stand on a platform using a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them.

The result? Awesome branded content that can be shared within seconds.

Lock In Your 360 Booth Today!

We offer an experiential marketing service which helps with your product branding, encourages customers to give your product a go or even boost your current brand image through fun, interactive and out of the box advertising service.

The next time you find yourself facing a large event, a family gathering or an anniversary, grab one of our open photo booths and give yourself, friends, family or coworkers a great and fun experience with the photos and memories to help keep those moments well documented, in great quality, and without the hassle traditional photo shoots or closed photo booths almost often bring to the crowd.

Our 360 booths are guaranteed to bring you and your peers happiness, joy, and an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy outdoors away from the tight, narrow photoshoot rooms.

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